Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lush "Mask Of Magnaminty" face mask

Mask Of Magnaminty is just like throwing everything minty you can think of on your face and let it cool you down for a moment. In general I don't like cold stuff, mainly because the blood in my body is pumping around at minimum speed and therefore not much heat is transported around or you can just basically say I'm always cold. But after using this about two times a week for a while I have gotten used to it and I've come to like this little fellow. It might be worthy of purchasing the larger size.
My skin is prone to acne and breakouts but this wonderful things keeps them away. The mask is green like a tanned Hulk and though you're supposed to only have it on your face for 5-10 minutes I've learned that about 20 is just the best time. During these minutes your face will freeze a bit but when you wash it off you get a nice exfoliation at the same time which feels HEAVENLY in a way I find hard to describe. Your skin will look fresh as fuck and feel soft and smooth. It's just a winner. It says if does just as good on your back if you have problems there as well and I don't doubt it even if I haven't tried.
This mask isn't vegan which a lot of Lush's products are and I usually aim to try those but all of their products are at least vegetarian which I find just as fine. As long as you're doing something for the sake of the animals.
Available at Lush in two sizes and starts at £4.95.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Just arrived!

After a few weeks of waiting (seemed like months) FINALLY my MaddStyle Cosmetics (a totally vegan and cruelty free independent makeup brand with the most awesome glittery eyeshadows ever) eyeshadows tripped and fell into my mailbox. How I've been waiting for these! I got six colours (Double Rainbow, Beauty School Dropout, Pisces, Unicorns and glitter, Adipose, Lust For Life) and a cute purple sample of Ohm.
I'll swatch these babies as soon as I get a chance!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Estelle & Thild Eye Balm Neroli

Estelle & Thild is this Swedish brand who claims to be good for everyone and everything (as you can see on the ECO CERT logo etc) so I thought "sure, why not give it a try" and bought this because it claims to handle those puffy morning eyes That, and it was the only one in the entire store within my price range to do so. I'm not sure why but during the fall and winter my eyes are puffier than a grocery bag full of food and I was in desperate need to get rid of them.
Neroli is an oil made out of the blossoms from orange trees and Estelle & Thild have a couple of products containg this oil.
This eye balm comes in quite a handy and very cute packaging with a pump. However you don't even need to push it down half-way because you need a very very small amount of balm. It feels light and is absorbed quickly by the skin and it does minimize the puffiness I wake up with with about 95%. It doesn't really smell that much which is nice since my facial moisturizer smells like pineapple and that's enough for me. The balm is not very moisturizing so keep that in mind if your eyes tend to dry out.
I've used it for about two weeks which Isn't that much but I will strongly recommend it to anyone who wakes up with puffy eyes.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Them nailz b minty

Mavala's summer collection of nail polishes was probably the cutest I've ever seen. Since I got this pastel/cotton candy blue Blue Mint I've been wearing it almost too much. I'll have to search eBay for a backup bottle or two because this has the perfect light blue shade with a very discreet shimmer, barely noticeable. Two layers covers perfectly.

This time though I have a layer of Party Of Five Glitters by Wet'n'wild over because I was going out for a beer and I wanted my beer to look all glam and glitz while I was holding it for some reason. It worked.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lush "I love juicy" shampoo & "Veganese" conditioner

OK then, let's start this blog with a blog post.
And it's about hair goo so yay.

Anywho, I got this shampoo and conditioner at Lush a little more than a month ago because Killer Colours kept saying it was amazing and she's a very trustworthy blogger. The first time I used it, after a lifetime of shampoo bought at my local grocery store together with rest of the weeks shopping, my hair was so light and finally free from silicons and weird chemicals that I couldn't even feel it. It was as if I had gone bald or something because I literally couldn't feel it. Dat lightness guys.

I love juicy smells like a fruit salad of heavenlyness and keeps my greasy hair clean for like four days instead of one and a half. Available in three sizes and starts at £4.95.

Veganese is, as quite obviously stated, vegan. It smells lovely in the bottle but in your hair you can mostly feel all the lavender and rosemary and I don't like rosemary but I'm willing to put up with it for the sake of this amazing thing. It doesn't last as long as the shampoo (after about six weeks I've used the entire Veganese but only half of I love juicy) but you can use it in your entire hair and it won't add anything but softness. Also available in three sizes, starting at £4.15.

If you're not convinced I can tell you about the time I accidentally whipped my hair in the face of my boyfriend and he said "NAH, too much heavenly smell". I'm not sure if that was good or bad but at least he said heavenly which is the right way to describe this.
If hair is blow dried after shower, put some Moroccan oil in it too keep the frizziness away otherwise no after treatment needed.



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