Monday, November 5, 2012

Estelle & Thild Eye Balm Neroli

Estelle & Thild is this Swedish brand who claims to be good for everyone and everything (as you can see on the ECO CERT logo etc) so I thought "sure, why not give it a try" and bought this because it claims to handle those puffy morning eyes That, and it was the only one in the entire store within my price range to do so. I'm not sure why but during the fall and winter my eyes are puffier than a grocery bag full of food and I was in desperate need to get rid of them.
Neroli is an oil made out of the blossoms from orange trees and Estelle & Thild have a couple of products containg this oil.
This eye balm comes in quite a handy and very cute packaging with a pump. However you don't even need to push it down half-way because you need a very very small amount of balm. It feels light and is absorbed quickly by the skin and it does minimize the puffiness I wake up with with about 95%. It doesn't really smell that much which is nice since my facial moisturizer smells like pineapple and that's enough for me. The balm is not very moisturizing so keep that in mind if your eyes tend to dry out.
I've used it for about two weeks which Isn't that much but I will strongly recommend it to anyone who wakes up with puffy eyes.

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