Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lush "Mask Of Magnaminty" face mask

Mask Of Magnaminty is just like throwing everything minty you can think of on your face and let it cool you down for a moment. In general I don't like cold stuff, mainly because the blood in my body is pumping around at minimum speed and therefore not much heat is transported around or you can just basically say I'm always cold. But after using this about two times a week for a while I have gotten used to it and I've come to like this little fellow. It might be worthy of purchasing the larger size.
My skin is prone to acne and breakouts but this wonderful things keeps them away. The mask is green like a tanned Hulk and though you're supposed to only have it on your face for 5-10 minutes I've learned that about 20 is just the best time. During these minutes your face will freeze a bit but when you wash it off you get a nice exfoliation at the same time which feels HEAVENLY in a way I find hard to describe. Your skin will look fresh as fuck and feel soft and smooth. It's just a winner. It says if does just as good on your back if you have problems there as well and I don't doubt it even if I haven't tried.
This mask isn't vegan which a lot of Lush's products are and I usually aim to try those but all of their products are at least vegetarian which I find just as fine. As long as you're doing something for the sake of the animals.
Available at Lush in two sizes and starts at £4.95.


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