Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds (and more hair goo from Lush)

As previously mentioned I loved I love juicy and Veganese from Lush. I went in there yesterday to get the largest sized bottles but found out they had put a bigger tag on them so i settled with the medium sized (250g) bottles for now, and added Blue skies and fluffy white clouds because I felt sorry for myself.

I took a bath later that evening and used about a sixth of Blue skies which immediately resulted in lots and lots of bubbles, a heavenly smell and a nice blue colour to the water. Just having the bar laying around smells so much it gives me a headache, but in moderation it's amazing. The bar itself was very hard to break, but once my mouse muscles managed that it was easy crumbling it into smaller pieces and throw in under running water. Perfect for a dreamy bath!


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  1. I never dislike any Lush product! I love Juicy is a must try :)