Saturday, December 22, 2012

Primark makeup haul

I've never been to Primark before. I've heard people talking about it and i have once visited their website, but it wasn't until my recent trip to London that I actually got inside an actual Primark store and discovered what the fuzz was all about. First of all: IT IS HUGE!!! Oh my god I was lost within the first five minutes in that store. Second: it is ridiculous how cheap it is. I was traveling with only a small bag so I couldn't get all the stuff my brain so eagerly craved. I may spend a lot of money on expensive skincare but I want my makeup cheap. I ended up taking this glitter eyeshadow palette and three lipsticks with me, totaling at £5!!! That is absolutely ridiculous since the cheapest lipstick I've ever found before was £5. Since the price tag was so low I don't really care if they are good or bad.

I did some quick swatches of the glitters which is described as a cream eyeshadow, but if the glitter is cosmetically safe (which I suppose it is) it would probably work on your lips as well, right? (Yes, glitter is one of those things that should be everywhere on everyone at all times). Swatching the glitters were basically impossible (at least getting a good picture of them). Imagine some vaseline with glitters in various colors  and that's it. They're not mind blowing on your face but they to add a nice touch. The packaging was somehow cheap and worthless, but I'm going to depot the pans and put them into one of these as soon as I have the time to order one - I can't decide which one I want! The packaging is great for storing my loose glitter eyeshadows from MSC (still haven't swatched them though, sorry about that)

The lipsticks came in a quite tacky package which I guess some people might find "sassy". I didn't. I liked the colours however, even if both of the pinks were smudged all over the inside lid (and broken, I'm working on depotting them and having them in tin jars instead), I couldn't find any who wasn't so I just settled because of the price (still, £1 for a lipstick?! Ah-mah-zing). They look pretty much like this on my hand, and my favorite is the grey-ish one. It makes me look like some kind of classy alien.

PS. I also went bananas in the lingerie aisles and got a bunch with me, but they deserve a post of their own.

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