Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams

I recently ran out of my L'Occitane hand cream that I keep in my bag and realized I didn't have a single backup! Since it's Christmas time and all I found this gorgeous travel seized kit from Crabtree & Evelyn with six different ones. I kept three and gave three to mom so we both can keep soft this winter!


Getting rid of

I've realized that having all my lip balms collected wasn't just a great idea for keeping track of them, since they all seem to get lost, it was also a great way to use them all up! I've had some of these for years, but I still can't just throw them away. So besides the two I have in my bag all the time I'm now always keeping y lips soft at home. I promised myself not to buy any new ones until these were gone. 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love&Toast Happiness Head To Toe Starter Kit

I've only tried two Love&Toast products before, as mentioned here, and even though that body lotion is deep in some drawer at the moment I still like it. And think about, I just never get around to actually use it (but maybe that's a bad sign?).

When I saw this adorable little "starter kit" with mini products with different scents I knew I wanted it. Of course, Love&Toast is known for having unusual smells in their stuff, with more or less success. These products are of a few different smells but I find all of them appealing.

This set contains following (with mini rewievs):

Daily Shampoo in the scent White Tea & Mint - Smells amazing, like After Eight, and the scent lingers for the rest of the day. Keeps hair clean for a good three days actually!

Daily Conditioner with Soy Protein and Almond Milk - After using the shampoo it's hard to define the scent of this, but it's probably not that strong anyways. I have no opinion about this, since I get tired of squeezing the shit of that square plastic packaging before I get enough product out of it to actually make a difference.

Shower Creme in Clementine Crush - Not too fond of this, the smell seems a bit too cosmetic for me. In other news, nothing special about it

Body Lotion in Clementine Crush - Haven't tried this yet, but I guess the formula is the same as the one I already got, which means your arms get a workout smearing this over yourself. Not that I mind. I like it.

Sugar Scrub in Clementine Crush - Haven't tried this either but as with the shower creme, I'm not a big fan of the clementine smellyness. Not ma thing really.

Lip Scrub in Green Tea & Mint - Smells lovely, also tastes lovely for being non-edible. Didn't wow me though, it was my first time using a lip scrub but I don't think this did such a great job.

Lip Butter in Strawberry Fields - This didn't wow me either, but it's hard for a lip butter to wow someone, their all pretty similar. The smell did also seem quite chemical to me in this, but it wasn't something that annoyed me. Maybe just that it's a bit too strongly scented.

The tiny sample of their Sugar Grapefruit perfume was the best thing I've ever had on my body the first time I used it, and the weirdest thing the second time. I'm going to wait at least three more wears of it to make a decision whether I like it or not. If I like it though, I'll buy a full-size.

All in all: It was nice to try out some more products from Love&Toast, but the only ones that I would recommend are the shampoo and body lotions, but it's hard to do that as well since their packaging totally sucks balls. Square bottles? Really? Impossible to fucking squeeze. I hate how much I'm going to hate it when I buy a full-size shampoo.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let me take you to Rio

Seen the movie Rio? I have, because I happen to love birds insanely much. So much I practically cry through the whole movie.
I've wanted to try out Nyx for a while, and I've wanted new basic brown eyeshadows for a while, so when I saw this, how could I resist? The trios come in about eight different combinations and all of them are very pretty, and after much considering I chose this one. The packaging looks goddamn adorable despite the fact that there's a tiny sponge applicator, I though no one used those anymore? Such a useless this. Such a waste of resources putting one of this in every package when maybe 5% of them will be used? Can everyone just stop pretending these types of applicators even exist?

Anyhow, the colors are gorgeous, very basic. A highlighter, crease color and lid color as usual, the mid brown with glitters, the rest of them matte. Oh, and my palette is called Barefoot in the sand in case you were wondering.

Got mine at


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter Review

I've had this for a long time, having forgotten it in a pocket of my jacket last winter I found it this spring and have been using it sporadically since. Honestly, it isn't the best.
Maybe mine have gotten a bit old, but it's a bit crumbly and clumpy when applying, however those melt quickly but instead it makes my lips feel incredibly oily and slippery and the taste, which isn't that good, is very hard to ignore.
It barely moisturizes my lips, the instant second it's gone from my lips I feel dry again and have to reapply after just an hour. I usually like Body Shops lip butters, I've had strawberry and passion before and those worked wonders, but something seems odd about this formulation. Does anyone have a different experience?


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil Body Butter

So much luxury in the same title amiright guyz? I looked it up at my local health food store (where, btw, coconut oil costs two and a half times more as on iHerb) and a tiny bottle of Jojoba oil costs a freaking fortune! So I happened to find this body butter on sale containing more or less of these ingredients, and I was in a desperate need for an every-day-body-butter since the fall sucks all the moist right out of me and I need to work hard to regain it.

This body butter smells really good of argan oil and is a bliss to use. I literally have no complaints about this, other than the ingredient list ( H&M = lots of chemicals). But I'm still looking at the other items in this series, a shower gel and body scrub. If it keeps me soft I might have to bend my rules for it. I'm tired of being dried out and am not in a economic state of using almond oil all over every day.


Monday, October 21, 2013

MNY by Maybelline blushes - swatches

The MNY by Maybelline blushes are cheap, come in practical and cute packaging and sweet colors. I've had my pink one for quite a long time and just got the other two.

I'm going to be honest, it took me about a month to figure out how to properly use these, since they contain more than enough shimmer for a life time. For instance it's not very usable as a all over blush, but works wonders as a highlighter under your eyebrow, on the very top of your cheekbones and a tiny amount over the bone of your nose, and another tiny amount on top of another blush. Using this as a blush on its own will make you look like Edward Cullen in the sunshine, it's hard to see all the shimmer particles in bathroom light, but they come out much more in the sun.

Colors in order: 201, 401, 601
As you can see, the pink one has been with me for longer time then the other two and since it takes so very little this will probably last me another year, probably longer since I now have two more! They're not very pigmented but add a little more than "a nice touch", the color is at least possible to actually see on your skin.

601, 401, 201


Monday, October 7, 2013

Home Spa #1 Face Care (Steam + Scrub)

My favorite thing to do, which I do every monday, is to do a facial steam which I then follow up with a scrub. It makes the skin really smooth and the pores look smaller. Here I made a step-by-step on how to do one yourself at home. Doing it at a salon can set you back quite a lot of money, and I have found that these gives just as good results. I do my steam with dried lavender and rose water or rose essential oil, but you can of course customize to your own liking. I prefer to use lavender like this because it has good purifying qualities for me but I'm sensitive to it (lavender is an irritant! Remember that and use it with care, and preferably not on skin which will be exposed to sun) so this way I'm not putting it directly on to my skin.

What you need
A wide bowl, deep enough to fit a couple of centimeters of water and wide enough to steam your entire face

Dried lavender, about a tablespoon or five drops of lavender essential oil
A spoon if you're using dried lavender, otherwise fuck that spoon

Rose water, as much as you want but no more than half of the liquid in your bowl, or five drops of rose essential oil

A pretty big towel

FIRST clean your face, it's best to just have that step over with.

SECOND get your water cooking! I use a kettle but you can put your bowl with water in the microwave for about three minutes to get it hot. Fill the bowl, and then add a little more. Just to be sure.

THIRD add your ingredients, rose water and lavender or essential oils.

FOURTH put your towel around the bowl, like the picture below. Then sit down, put the towel over your head and try to make sure there's no "openings" Sit there and steam your face for 5-15 minutes, depending on how much you can handle or how impatient you are. I tend to sit for about 7 minutes, maximum ten.

FIFTH take that ground coffee that's in the pot after you've made a cup of coffee and stand over your sink, gently scrubbing all over your face and neck. If you've never done that before I will warn you that it's pretty messy but it's worth it. Rinse off after about a minute and pat your skin dry carefully

SIXTH Now that you're all soft and awesome in your face you can either leave it like that or dab a tiny amount of coconut oil or almond oil on your face to make yourself super soft and nice smelling.

Hope you liked it! I'm planning a couple more of these posts so keep and eye out :)


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going out lol

 So I should have resized this pic but I forgot and now I don't have much time. It's at least a picture of the makeup I just did for a rock-themed party I'm going to soon (but I'm still in my jammies lol). Anyways, It's a white/black/purple smoky eye and I think I did pretty good for improvising, all those tutorial watches on youtube never taught me anything other than that I need more brushes.

And of course, where would I ever be without my winged eyeliner? I've worn if for so many years people say I look naked without it. I also feel naked without it. I'm addicted I suppose.

Oh and let's just say I've probably never worn this many products on my face at once, like ever.
 Max Factor Weightless Foundation SPF 15 in Sugar Cane
IDUN Minerals powder foundation in Sandlilja (as powder)
LA Colors Mineral Blush in CMB864 Very Berry
MNY by Maybelline blush in 201 (as a highlighter on cheekbones and browbone

MaddStyle Cosmetics mineral eyeshadows in Double Rainbow and Adipose
Make Up Store liquid eyeliner in Diamond
Yves Rocher liquid eyeliener in Noir
Max Factor Masterpiece Color Precision Eyeshadow in Night Sky (as a base)
Nouba Mascarone in black
Nouba Cil Prodige las extension
Random purple glitter jumbo eyeliner pen (in outer crease)
Random purple mascara (on my eyebrows)
Claudia black eyeliner pencil
Kicks Kohl pencil in Iceberg
Wet'n'Wild Eyebrow kit in Ash Brown

I DON'T KNOW YET!!!! I'm thinking about a purple-ish mini lipstick from Yves Rocher (seen on pic here)

Let me know if you want a review or closer look at a product!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eggwhite facial? First impressions

Using egg white as a face mask has apparently been some kind of "tradition" in my country for like a hundred years. I did not know this. Well, now this girl named Victoria i.e. a company has made it into a soap which is actually quite a brilliant idea.

This soap is an egg white soap with lanolin and rose water which you work up a lather with and then smooth that lather all over your face and neck and let it sit for a humble five minutes before washing it off. In that short time it's supposed to draw out the impurities in your skin and the rose water will leave it super soft and smooth. I tried it just now while doing a at home spa treatment (post about that coming up tomorrow) and I'm quite pleased with it actually. It wasn't very hard to lather even though I kept wondering "is this a lather? how lathery should it be? do I need more lather? I'm just gonna go for it. I went for it. I don't think this is good enough. Oh whatever." My skin is now incredibly soft and feels fresh (although doesn't look much different) but it contains stuff that aren't ideal to me so I'm a bit dried out right now.

However, since this is a bar soap/mask it'll last for about seventy five years if used once weekly and it was very cheap. I would recommend this for now, but I can't give an honest opinion yet.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

NOW Solutions European Clay Mask Review

I just remembered I never did a review on my clay mask from NOW even though I'm almost at bottom now since beginning using at the middle of May, so I figured it's about time I write something about this!

This was my first experience with a clay mask in powder form. The packaging says to mix with water or jojoba oil if your skin is dry. I've also learned that bloggers and vloggers like to mix it up with their toners (as long as it's alcohol free) and maybe a few drops of essential oil (like tea tree). After using this a few times I realized that my skin was too sensitive to it and cause my skin to go extremely red and a bit itchy after washing it off. I've tried almost all of the above ones with different results but my favorite actually turned out to be mixing the powder with pure aloe vera gel. I usually use just the aloe as a face mask about once a week so I figured, why not combine these two?
Maybe it gives a lesser result this way but at least I'm using it. I hate buying something and then having to let it sit because it wasn't what I expected (I've given away almost half of my nail polish collection based on this)

All in all this is a good product, but I won't be repurchasing this the first thing I do, and if I do it'll have to be the one for sensitive skin. I've also been thinking about the traditional Aztec clay mask, have anyone tried it? I'm curious and I like the idea of mixing a mask up to your liking.

I purchased mine at iHerb. It it's your first order, use code RFC108 to get ten bucks off your first order over $40 and $5 off any order under forty.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lush Full Of Grace Serum (and Björk & Berries emptie)

So, I got a sample of Lush's Full Of Grace serum when I bought my steamer tabs and I've just finished using it up so here's a few pros and cons:

- Lasts a very long time, my tiny sample last me almost a month applied once or twice a day
- Provides long lasting moisture
--I like the smell

-I'm guessing there most be chamomille in this? I tend to sometimes be a bit sensitive to it, so that's a con for me.
- Takes a while to sink into the skin, so nothing if your have to put on makeup within like 10-15 minutes.

Other than that, I find nothing wrong with it. I'd gladly purchase the full-sized one.

Björk & Berries Sugar Scrub Wild Strawberry
Well, I learned that it's bad to but sugar on your skin, since it promotes inflammation in the skin (both when eaten or used on your body) so I only used this because it's fucking aromatherapy. Never had a product smell this good before. It is however all natural so I might buy the body lotion or shower gel when I miss this smell too much, but no more scrubby scrubs with sugar.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pharmacy clearance? Thank you private druggists

So you walk into a store claiming to sell out "old" beauty products from a pharmacist with a 50-70% discount, and then another sign saying "50% off sale price" so yeah you'll run in.

What I got is quickly presented in the vine above, and if anyone want a specific item for a closer look or a review - just let me know. (PS I'm Einhorn on Vine, follow me!)

First up - Idun minerals concealer in Sandlilja and two blushes in Rönnbär and Tranbär. I've tried the concealer and it melts nicely in to the skin after a minute or two but for me it doesn't seem to set without some kind of primer. I've been thinking about getting one anyways (No, I don't use one yet no hating).
The blushes have same outside but different insides, one of them is obviously from some other design but I don't know which one - however the one with the twisty opening thingy is quite awesome, so you can bring it with you without all powder leaking out. I recently hit pan on both of the blushes I rotate regularly so these ones were very well needed.

Nouba Mascarone and Cil Prodige lash extension - The lash extension thing is basicaly a clear fiber get that you brush on your lash tips and then add mascara (+repeat) until your lashes have reached the lenght you wanted. Apparently you're supposed to use it with the Cil Prodige mascara but hopefully this other from Nouba will do the job.

Apoliva lengthening mascara - this one seriously cost about 1/8 of its original price so I just kind of stocked up.

Cliniderm soothing body lotion 24h - You got this as a freebie if you shopped over a certain amount (I guess they just wanted to get rid of them). It's sadly packed with chemicals and alcohols so I think I'll pass it on to someone else who might like it.

All of this plus a Venus razor with 3 cartridges cost a lot, if the sale hadn't brought it down to literally less than a sixth of its original price. Felt like some kind of couponer, but without all the coupons.

The Almond Oil was from another store and I just bought it with the excuse that it's good for sensitive skin, and as with every change of season follows a period of time when my skin has a hard time adjusting itself and therefore flakes off, especially around my eyes. This one does wonders actually.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So, after this long break I'm returning with a light nod. I've been moving and not giving a shit about anything and hating my new house so life is difficult and stuff.

I'm not entirely sure I have that much to share I'm afraid.
I tried to make liquid soap out of my black african soap but I didn't have any glycerin so google told me I could use baby oil or olive oil. I used both and a few drops of Tea Tree oil but didn't add enough water so It just came out as a weird greyish kinda jello but it works quite alright in a liquid soap dispenser.

BUT my new room is only two meters away from the fucking G O R G E O U S enormous bathroom with a shower big enough to fit like seven people and a jacuzzi and double sinks and everything! So yeah I kinda live there.

These pics got a bit weird because of NATURAL SUNLIGHT DO THAT EVEN EXIST HERE IN SCANDINAVIA??? No, not for much longer. I'm already dying inside because of the separation from the sun. I'll miss you when you're gone sweetie.

So, exactly which countries in Europe have sun all year round? Not that hot, just not that dark. I'm thinking about moving.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

iHerb pacakge #2

I expected this to arrive on thursday last week, since it takes approximately eight days for an iHerb package to ship here. It did however arrive a few days after that but it cheered me up on one of my worst days. I'm gonna put a jump here for the people who aren't interested in reading the whole thing.

PS. Doing your first shopping at iHerb? Use code RFC108 for five bucks off any purchase under $40 and ten off if you spend more than that $40!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping at Tiger

A new store popped up in town, and I bet it's gonna last quite a while. The adorable Danish store Tiger has already become one my favorites after just visiting it three times. I've bought some stuff already, like chewing gum, envelopes and tissue paper but today I took the step and went for the beauty.

I had looked at their Dead sea body wrap which seemed like so much fun but unfortunately they were all out of it, so I went for these instead!

  • Some star shaped makeup sponges, because who can resist? I use mine twice with washes in between but since they're not expensive I still find them worth the purchase

  • A new blush brush, because I'm embarrassed to tell you which ones I use right now... But I've already thrown them away so you will never know haha.

  • Purple and blue mascara! This fad is so appealing to me but I'm scared to buy an expensive one in case I don't like the color.

  • Aromatherapy shower gel Rosemary Pine & Eucalyptus - smells delish! They had a accompanying body lotion and scrub but I know I got plenty of that plus I can always make my own if in need so I passed on those too, but something about the shower gel spoke to me. Maybe it gave me some flashbacks of how wonderful every shower was when I was using Rituals aromatherapy shower foam? That is such a dream product!

  • Eyeliner pencil, a thick purple one with gold glitters. I have big plans for this one. I want to combine this and the purple mascara to do an all-purple eye makeup.

Oh, and my package from iHerb came!!! So excited, post about it is on the way.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY leave-in conditioner

My latest obsession as a natural skincare freak is Pinksofoxy's youtube channel. She shows DIY's and talks about natural beauty. I recently watched her 7 part long "Declutter your life" videos while I was at the gym, needless to say I didn't get that much done that time.

A lot of her DIY's sounds really simple so I decided to try one out for myself, the Leave-in conditioner spray, it's incredibly simple and I'm so happy with this!

I used an old Lee Stafford heat protection spray bottle that I never really liked because of it's incredibly strong and chemical smell. Plus I never straighten my hair because mine is like 99% straight naturally anyways.

For my conditioner I used my detangling conditioner for kids  by Rainbow Research (yes, I'm that sensitive, and my hair gets tangled really easy and it hurts so much to brush it out :( ) and for my oils I used up the rest of an Moroccan Argan Oil sample and a little bit of olive oil. So where I live the tap water is totally fine to drink and doesn't contain any bad things at all so I just filled it up with tap water and shook like hell!!!

It makes my hair feel super soft and smells nice. I might just have to label it though so it doesn't get mixed up with the heat protection though!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tea Tree Steamer Tab IN ACTION

You know what? This was actually really good. In just six minutes (that's all I could handle) it freshened up my skin a lot and reduced the redness that has recently developed around my nose. I'm not sure why but I'm investigating my skin care routine and hope to find the thief lurking there inside!
Also cutting down on sugar will apparently reduce redness in your skin so I'm trying out that as well.

I finished this off by using Lush's face serum Full Of Grace which I got a sample of and I like that one too. If you're really nice and ask nicely, the staff always gives you samples if you show interest in a specific product. I'm a bit hesitant about shopping for natural stuff without trying it first because some things I'm a bit sensitive too. Like chamomile, it rarely works well on me.

I but the cooled down steam water in a bottle as it's good as a toner for about a week. Hopefully it will continue to help me with my redness even after the cool down.

Ta ta for now! Gotta catch my bus.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Steamer tabs!

Walking in to Lush the other day knowing that a few hours later I'd be getting some money, I bought one of these steamer tabs each. The rose one is supposed to be calming, both your mind and skin. Tea tree is of course supposed to be good for problem skin.

What specifically made me interested in these were because I'd just the day before seen this video from my new favorite youtube beauty vlogger AND the fact that the clerk told me I was good for a week as a toner if kept in the fridge. I really like a good toner and I need both tea tree and rose actually. I just don't know which one to take first. My guess is the tea tree one and the week after I'll do rose because it's also supposed to be calming which I might need after three work shifts in two days this weekend... Wish me luck.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

French soaps

Thank God I took a picture of this before I started using it! This one melts like butter in the shower but lathers really amazing and feels so thick and creamy on the skin. It's quite amazing and I wish I could sock up on these but they're the kind sold in French gift shops unfortunately. I've had it lying around for years as I got from a friend but finally decided to use it when my Oatmeal from Lush had shrunk into a tiny clump of scrub particles seeds stuff whatevs. Well, if you happen to be in France, try to get a hand of this. It smells amazing too, though I have no idea of what. 


Thursday, August 8, 2013

You're standing on my neck

After I re-watched the ending of Daria, TV movie Is it college yet? I realized something that made me cry more than the actual ending of the worlds greatest TV show: I'm not a Daria. A year ago or so, I was a Daria. Now I've evolved and turned into Quinn.

If you don't know what I mean, you might need a short introduction to Daria, which aired on MTV in the late nineties. You may do that by watching the first episode(s) or like every season and every movie and just love it because of Daria's constant deadpanning.

I used to have thick bangs and big glasses and mostly walked around in my boots avoiding talking to people because people are stupid, but since I got a boyfriend who stupidly enough made me happy I've turned into Quinn. I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror wondering if my nose is "too cute" and my bag is filled with various beauty stuff someone might need and I want to have cute pores. I shop and shop and stand in front of the Elizabeth Arden counter talking mineral foundations with the staff and I'm just so goddamn perky and jumpy and happy all the time. In my heart I'm still Daria, but things change and I've changed against my mind and tonight I'm dying my hair red. Eep!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The hypothetical fall collection

When it gets cold outside and you bulk up in knitted sweaters and boots and mittens all the time, isn't the biggest revelation of all knowing that you're super sexy underneath? That you in the warmth of inside can walk around wearing nothing but your underwear and just feel great about yourselves?
It's days like that, when warming up doesn't mean wearing more clothes, that's why I wanted to create lingerie. And I'll probably keep doing this forever. At the moment, some sketches for the fall collection is up on my tumblr, but I'll show you a few pics just because 


Monday, August 5, 2013

High waisted panties with garter grips is the best

As said, Lingerie is a big passion for me. So big it deserves a capital L. I wanted to show you some of my recent sale finds that I absolutely adore.

It actually took me all the time until today to see that it's actually matching pair, you see with the little blue bows and black lace? I feel a bit stupid for not noticing that, but never the less it's really pretty. Fall till be a lot more welcome when I can strut around in these with my 80 denier stay ups under my winter layer!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Yves Rocher mini haul (by my momma)

My mom was out shopping so I texted her "get my any black liquid eyeliner" because I realized that I'm never getting anything done and she got home with this! How sweet of her.
Actually, that was my very first black eyeliner and I got it about five years ago so it'll be nice to see if it's as good as I remember it. Plus a tiny pack of tiny lipsticks that came in five, but I chose the bright ones of course, my mom rarely wears brights so she got the other three, plus a lip balm and a tiny shower gel that smells like red apples.


Bouquet de dates

 Whenever I'm at the airport, which has already happened like two times this year because I seem to travel a shitload, I always happen to find L´occitane's small summerscented hand creams at 30% off, which is nice since they aren't even expensive to begin with. Last year (I think) I got a blue one smelling of cocoa flowers which has gone steady with me in my bag ever since, but as I began to run out I took my trip to Barcelona as a smooth way of getting a new one. So I got this, smelling like a bouquet of dates, and it smells like it good. Every time I moisturize my hands someone says "what's that smell? Can I have some?".
Of course you can, because everyone should smell this nice.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That's a very big picture of my face

Simple face and super frosty lips to an impulse buy of ARIEL LIP BALM GUYZ. Purple and glitter and the smell of childhood - who could resist that?
It was a long time ago since I used my Body Shop eyeshadow, which I used to wear everyday about a year ago. It's just a dark casual brown, no biggie, but it does add kind of an extra dimension. Buy maybe that's just because I'm not used to it anymore.

 My usual Wet'n'wild eyebrow shadow, Kicks liquid eyeliner (I refuse to admit it's empty, I want it moar), Kicks kohl pencil in white (inner corner of eyes and lower lashline), and Lancôme hypnose mascara. Invisible blush (Viva la diva in Paparazzi) and that eyeshadow, no 4 from The Body Shop.

Oh, and guess who's glasses are broken....


Monday, July 22, 2013

Lush eyeshadow thingy?

 My sister, the eternal shopper, got this one with her order from Lush but figured she'd never use it so gave it to me. I've never really worn green eyeshadow but I could give it a whirl since a stroke on the hand showed me a more golden side of it. It looked really nice actually!
I could use something to give me some initiative. I'm actually thinking about asking a store in my town to start selling my underwear, if I could just get around to doing it...


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love & Toast body lotion

 I was really in a shopping mood a few days ago and saw this one at 75% off so I don't think I really splurged, plus I really needed a new body lotion because mine seems to disappear as easily as lip balms in a purse!

The first impression I got of this was "sea salt and freshness" which also convinced me to but this. My previous experience with Love & Toast was a sample of their scent Gin Blossom but it reminded me too much of being sixteen and stealing alcohol from dad and then throwing up in the park :(. In other words: their products smell is not the usual, they make you think a little bit about what it is that just got through your nose up your brain.

I first used it today and I realized that it mostly smells like lemon zest and green stuff. It demands some work to use but sinks fast into the skin makes you feel soft but not sticky. The scent lingers on for quite a while too. I'd recommend this to anyone who's asking because I don't think the original price is that much either.

Oh, and of course it's vegan, cruelty free and all in all a good buy!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Empties OUT

Ran out of this Exuviance toner. As I previously stated I no longer use Exuviance as a 3-step program because it completely ruins my skin but every now and then I've used this toner remove excess dirt and oil. It's a concentrate so first you wet your cotton pad and then add a few drops of it, otherwise your poor face will flake off completely of dryness. But when used properly it's good ad its job, but I will not repurchase this. I already got my hands on a Nivea one I think, I was in need at the grocery store the other day and found one. I've only used it twice but it seems quite promising.

Aussie's hair masks are rumored to be really good, but I wasn't at all as mesmerized as everyone else. The 3 minute miracle is good, it smells like bubble gum and makes your hair soft. It doesn't really feel that moisturizing though, because isn't that what conditioners should do? Oh well, I'll probably buy this one again, but it's not on the top of my list at the moment.