Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cheap stuff

I like to stock up on cheap skincare products. At least to some extent, these ones are made with natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free, even the ingredients have an explanation so that you'll understand what it's supposed to be. These are always just over £1 each and always on a campaign 2 for £2 so I usually buy four. These aren't really the best face masks EVURR like I'd wish they were given their price and veganish tendencies. They're quite hard to wash off your face BUT leaves your face feeling and looking fresher than it used to be. And for that price I could not ask for more.


This one doesn't work

In a glossy box a while back I got this primer from Murad, a skin perfecting primer which also doubles as a acne treatment/shine control because of its 0,5% salicylic acid.
It doesn't work. It's not really a primer, it's more of a beige goo. It does nothing of the "smoothing out" and "creating a perfect base for your makeup" as a primer i supposed to. It just leaves my face feeling greasy all day long + clogs my pores and gives me pimples.
No, this one is going in the trash.


Monday, January 21, 2013


It's not my birthday yet, but when some distant relatives visited I got a gift certificates at the same store and I could not wait too long to go there and get me some new stuff. After all, it's January, and I'm just as broke as everyone else (especially after spending my salary on designer pants).

It must have been my lucky day because two of the things I wanted had a member ship discount on them and if you spent a certain amount of money you got a gift, so yeah. Saved some money and getting free stuff (thank you Estée Lauder for inventing the 'gift with purchase' thingy) = SCORE.

Yes you can see how great I am at anything because I've taken a picture of my haul IN THE SINK but honestly it's the only place in my entire country that has good light.

This is what I got:
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, I mean, when in mascara doubt - always choose a safe card.

Lumene triple stay foundation: I was actually planning on buying this and it was on like a 20% sale or something so lucky coincidence yes!

Emma S. moisturizing facial mist. "Extra hydration whenever you feel like it" the bottle says. Great to set your makeup says a trustworthy blogger. However I've always wanted a facial mist and this was 30% off so yay.

Good Skin Lab Eyliplex-2, one day cream and one night cream. My eyes always look tired, this was 75% off and promises miracles, go figure. (will review)

Burt's Bees Radiance Body lotion with royal jelly. I still haven't really given up on Burt's Bees even though their lip balms wasn't really my piece of pie. Plus I'm super scared of running out of my wonderful Sympathy For The Skin by Lush so this 98.3% natural body lotion will have to keep my skin soft for a while.

Some Rexona deodorant. I actually haven't used deodorant for years, but recently I've started sweating so I guess I'll have to join the rest of the world with their sweat issues now.

Kicks Makeup nail polishes in Pearl Necklace and Life Aquatic. Because I needed those and they were half off.

And here's my gift! Four mini items from Lancôme, a Hypnôse mascara, Trêsor in love perfume, Visionnaire "miracle serum" and Bi-Facil eyemakeup remover. Hope these are good, I'll try them out later!

Saw a Björk & Berries sugar scrub on sale as well, but I think I'll have to use mine up first before getting a new one, I love it already!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starting small (with smelly stuff)

I'm kind of a newbie in the scent and fragrance category. I recently gained interest in this because I started reading the wonderful blog Fifty Scents, about scents and beauty and such. It of course made me a bit curious but since I'm way to cheap to invest in an expensive fragrance I'm not 100% sure about I decided to pick up some budget smells just to explore a little bit.

I picked up one of the most mocked scents, for just £4 i got this Sweet Rose by La Rive, which actually smells amazing though doesn't last very long. It smells just like the name it has, sweet, sugary roses. Light and pretty though hideous bottle, not as disgustingly sweet though as a lot of perfumes are, like Juicy Couture etc. Everytime I wear this people say I smell nice :)

I've had this for a while but since I'm not a big perfume/cologne user (probably because it's a routine that never quite settled) but it's a classic, 4711 by Echt Kolnisch Wasser, so how could I not have it?! I'm not sure what it smells though, it has a quite spicy, lemony scent but it's not girly at all which is a good thing (known as unisex). The bottle however is my all-time favorite. Just look at it! What is there not to like?! Paid about £4.50 for this so... yeah. Worth every penny. I doubt ever getting tired of this smell, this price, or the look of it.

And after a H&M haul to soothe my not often but sometimes sudden craving for cheap and easy makeup (it happens sometimes, then I don't care about animals or environment although that kind of makeup rarely takes place within my house) I came home with a tiny glass bottle of their perfume Very Berry, which smells sweet, innocent and berry-ish. Beautifully packaged in matte pink tin can, cost me less than £2.

Maybe one day I'll find the urge to buy a Chanel no5, but for now I'm liking this discoveries that won't cost me as much if I turn out not to like it.
Oh, and this video is currently my inspiration in life and everything: Betty Page dancing to The Seeds. Best mix ever, and Bettie Page is as ever one of my biggest beauty inspiration. Plus I'm loving that sequin bra.

What's your favorite perfume? Would love to get some more inspiration!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Merry & Bright

No, this isn't all that the Lush package contained, it's more of a family photo of my stuff from Lush. And yes, I recently got Instagram, so you can follow me if you want to at eineinhorn. What the Merry & Bright gift set contained was this:

Ponche shower gel (the small bottle furthest away in the picture)
Described as a festive gel inspired by mexican traditions, the not says "fruity plum and orange gel with davana, buchu and petitgrain oils (and a splash of tequila!). I personally am not really a fan of this scent. I've never used their shower gels before but without a loofah this won't really lather, and I like my lather :(

Whoosh Shower Jelly (clear container in the middle of the pile in the front)
Note says "Grapefruit, rosemary and geranium essential oil shower jelly: perfect for jetlag and everything else that gets in your way. This doesn't lather either, but who cares? It smells gorgeous of lemon and when stored in the fridge it gives you a really nice chilly awakening in the morning (never though I would write that, but it's true). Probably lasts a lifetime too, I've used mine about ten times and it hasn't shrunk at all.

Mr Punch Soap (dark solid soap)
"Boozy, fruity, gin, juniper and blackcurrant soap. That's the way to do it!". Smells absolutely amazing, but I haven't used it yet because I'm scared that it will disappear too damn fast if I do.

Northern Lights Soap (neon colored solid soap)
Smells amazing and gives a yellowy green colored creamy lather. Love this. Get it if you can. Smells of pine, cypress and lime.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub (barely visible but the black one under Whoosh)
Salty shower scrub which is a smooth exfoliator under running water and perfectly rough on damp skin. I've already written a bit about it here. Supposedly works as a schampoo as well, but haven't tried. Not really a fan of the smell but it doesn't stay on the skin really.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Double Rainbow

I wanted to use Double Rainbow but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted, so the intensity of the blacknezz and the glitter combined kind of disappeared. I'm wearing it with Adipose (matte white) to highlight my browbones and lift up the makeup, however this Instagram filter might not have done it justice. Both of the eyeshadows are from MaddStyle Cosmetics! Oh and I topped the look of with some of the creamy glitter eyeshadow from the Primark palette (se a few posts down), the darkest one called Cosmic.
Have a great evening!



I recently realized that I don't own a single exfoliator. Two weeks later, I now own three (this was not intended, but I bought one, got one for christmas and then found one I've been craving for years on sale so I bought that one as well).

First off, I bought this one from Marilou Bio, a french brand recently released here. It was quite cheap and I like to support ethical brands (it's marked with ECO CERT so that's probably what sold it to me). However: it smells awful. So sickeningly sweet that I almost get a headache. This does however, exfoliate quite nicely and leaves your skin feeling clean and nice. It doesn't have a lot of scrubbing bits/pieces but it's juuuust enough of them to make up for the horrible smell.

In a Lush christmas package I received this shower scrub called Rub Rub Rub along with a bunch of christmas themed soaps (the gift set however deserves a full post actually). Smells all freshy and great, but you can feel the salty smell underneath it all which makes it a bit weird. In the shower it gives a nice exfoliation, but I wouldn't recommend using it under running water if you want a real good scrub. This works best on barely wet skin. Scrub yourself away!

Browsing through a quite expensive makeup store the other day I came across the skincare line I've been craving for years on sale. Björk & Berries line of body care smells of Wild strawberries and is completely natural and made in Sweden (swedish brand). If I'm right they're giving the packaging a face lift so the old ones has to go, and fast. I picked up this scrub because I'm trying to buy stuff I need and not just the ones I want, and I needed this. This sugar scrub feels thick and gorgeous and smells so good it makes my heart jump.