Monday, January 21, 2013


It's not my birthday yet, but when some distant relatives visited I got a gift certificates at the same store and I could not wait too long to go there and get me some new stuff. After all, it's January, and I'm just as broke as everyone else (especially after spending my salary on designer pants).

It must have been my lucky day because two of the things I wanted had a member ship discount on them and if you spent a certain amount of money you got a gift, so yeah. Saved some money and getting free stuff (thank you Estée Lauder for inventing the 'gift with purchase' thingy) = SCORE.

Yes you can see how great I am at anything because I've taken a picture of my haul IN THE SINK but honestly it's the only place in my entire country that has good light.

This is what I got:
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, I mean, when in mascara doubt - always choose a safe card.

Lumene triple stay foundation: I was actually planning on buying this and it was on like a 20% sale or something so lucky coincidence yes!

Emma S. moisturizing facial mist. "Extra hydration whenever you feel like it" the bottle says. Great to set your makeup says a trustworthy blogger. However I've always wanted a facial mist and this was 30% off so yay.

Good Skin Lab Eyliplex-2, one day cream and one night cream. My eyes always look tired, this was 75% off and promises miracles, go figure. (will review)

Burt's Bees Radiance Body lotion with royal jelly. I still haven't really given up on Burt's Bees even though their lip balms wasn't really my piece of pie. Plus I'm super scared of running out of my wonderful Sympathy For The Skin by Lush so this 98.3% natural body lotion will have to keep my skin soft for a while.

Some Rexona deodorant. I actually haven't used deodorant for years, but recently I've started sweating so I guess I'll have to join the rest of the world with their sweat issues now.

Kicks Makeup nail polishes in Pearl Necklace and Life Aquatic. Because I needed those and they were half off.

And here's my gift! Four mini items from Lancôme, a Hypnôse mascara, Trêsor in love perfume, Visionnaire "miracle serum" and Bi-Facil eyemakeup remover. Hope these are good, I'll try them out later!

Saw a Björk & Berries sugar scrub on sale as well, but I think I'll have to use mine up first before getting a new one, I love it already!



  1. Can you post a review on the Lumene Triple stay foundation? It's only been a little over a week from this post, I want to know more about the product. Good, bad, etc. Thanks!

    1. Of course! I just need to make my mind up about it, but before the end of the week there'll be a post up! E.E.