Friday, January 4, 2013


I recently realized that I don't own a single exfoliator. Two weeks later, I now own three (this was not intended, but I bought one, got one for christmas and then found one I've been craving for years on sale so I bought that one as well).

First off, I bought this one from Marilou Bio, a french brand recently released here. It was quite cheap and I like to support ethical brands (it's marked with ECO CERT so that's probably what sold it to me). However: it smells awful. So sickeningly sweet that I almost get a headache. This does however, exfoliate quite nicely and leaves your skin feeling clean and nice. It doesn't have a lot of scrubbing bits/pieces but it's juuuust enough of them to make up for the horrible smell.

In a Lush christmas package I received this shower scrub called Rub Rub Rub along with a bunch of christmas themed soaps (the gift set however deserves a full post actually). Smells all freshy and great, but you can feel the salty smell underneath it all which makes it a bit weird. In the shower it gives a nice exfoliation, but I wouldn't recommend using it under running water if you want a real good scrub. This works best on barely wet skin. Scrub yourself away!

Browsing through a quite expensive makeup store the other day I came across the skincare line I've been craving for years on sale. Björk & Berries line of body care smells of Wild strawberries and is completely natural and made in Sweden (swedish brand). If I'm right they're giving the packaging a face lift so the old ones has to go, and fast. I picked up this scrub because I'm trying to buy stuff I need and not just the ones I want, and I needed this. This sugar scrub feels thick and gorgeous and smells so good it makes my heart jump.


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