Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starting small (with smelly stuff)

I'm kind of a newbie in the scent and fragrance category. I recently gained interest in this because I started reading the wonderful blog Fifty Scents, about scents and beauty and such. It of course made me a bit curious but since I'm way to cheap to invest in an expensive fragrance I'm not 100% sure about I decided to pick up some budget smells just to explore a little bit.

I picked up one of the most mocked scents, for just £4 i got this Sweet Rose by La Rive, which actually smells amazing though doesn't last very long. It smells just like the name it has, sweet, sugary roses. Light and pretty though hideous bottle, not as disgustingly sweet though as a lot of perfumes are, like Juicy Couture etc. Everytime I wear this people say I smell nice :)

I've had this for a while but since I'm not a big perfume/cologne user (probably because it's a routine that never quite settled) but it's a classic, 4711 by Echt Kolnisch Wasser, so how could I not have it?! I'm not sure what it smells though, it has a quite spicy, lemony scent but it's not girly at all which is a good thing (known as unisex). The bottle however is my all-time favorite. Just look at it! What is there not to like?! Paid about £4.50 for this so... yeah. Worth every penny. I doubt ever getting tired of this smell, this price, or the look of it.

And after a H&M haul to soothe my not often but sometimes sudden craving for cheap and easy makeup (it happens sometimes, then I don't care about animals or environment although that kind of makeup rarely takes place within my house) I came home with a tiny glass bottle of their perfume Very Berry, which smells sweet, innocent and berry-ish. Beautifully packaged in matte pink tin can, cost me less than £2.

Maybe one day I'll find the urge to buy a Chanel no5, but for now I'm liking this discoveries that won't cost me as much if I turn out not to like it.
Oh, and this video is currently my inspiration in life and everything: Betty Page dancing to The Seeds. Best mix ever, and Bettie Page is as ever one of my biggest beauty inspiration. Plus I'm loving that sequin bra.

What's your favorite perfume? Would love to get some more inspiration!

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