Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Nah, this smells way too much and takes about seventeen years to sink into your skin. Just nah.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking a bath + Fresh Farmacy

Took a bath last night using the small bottle of Dreamboat Milk Bath from The Body Shop which I found in my bathroom. I don't even know if these are even on sale anymore but they're both really nice products. The milk bath didn't quite "milk" up the bath but added soft bubbles and a gorgeous smell. The moisture balm is thick and creamy - not for overall body use- great for elbows and dry patches on your body.
Also managed to get a samlple of Fresh Farmacy when I was at Lush the other day. The stores girl said it was great as a makeup remover and just overall cleansing. And since it's also antibacterial it's great for preventing spots and acne. After using this only twice I have a quick review of my first thoughts: smells nice, the camomille reminds me a bit of their Herbalism, a bit drying and removes all my makeup real good except for the mascara which leaves a gray trace under my eyes. Other than that - no further complaints, praises or opinions. I have to use it for a bit longer first!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lumene Triple Stay Foundation

It's quite hard to make up my mind about this foundation, partly because it's good and partly because it isn't. So let's do some kind of pros and cons list ok?

- though i'm very pale i don't even have to use the lightest shade because Lumene's makeup is created for scandinavians and know our colour (preach it Lumene).
- it covers all the "flat" surfaces on my face very well like my forehead, cheeks. around my nose, lips and eyes however it just won't adapt and requires a lot of work to make it blend in with the skin.
- long-lasting.

- claims to be good for oily skin but actually makes my skin oilier than ever, mostly my forehead. it just clogs up my pores.
- as said, it just won't work around my eyes, lips and nose. Especially under my eyes I want to be able to cover up my dark circles but this will just get stuck in creases and make me look even more tired.
-doesn't really seem to sink in to the skin, it just mostly lies on top of it and acts a bit sticky and if you put your face on something you'll leave a skin colored mark.

I won't stop using this but I won't buy it again. Retails for about £12.99