Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking a bath + Fresh Farmacy

Took a bath last night using the small bottle of Dreamboat Milk Bath from The Body Shop which I found in my bathroom. I don't even know if these are even on sale anymore but they're both really nice products. The milk bath didn't quite "milk" up the bath but added soft bubbles and a gorgeous smell. The moisture balm is thick and creamy - not for overall body use- great for elbows and dry patches on your body.
Also managed to get a samlple of Fresh Farmacy when I was at Lush the other day. The stores girl said it was great as a makeup remover and just overall cleansing. And since it's also antibacterial it's great for preventing spots and acne. After using this only twice I have a quick review of my first thoughts: smells nice, the camomille reminds me a bit of their Herbalism, a bit drying and removes all my makeup real good except for the mascara which leaves a gray trace under my eyes. Other than that - no further complaints, praises or opinions. I have to use it for a bit longer first!

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