Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Being beautifulz

My dad just got home with this one for me, so I'm pretty satisfied though I spent the rest of the day eating kiwi and watching Sailor Moon/Adventure time. So besides being superdupersick and having separation anxiety about switching to a new wallet after like five years with my good ol' Loop one, it's been good.
And this is how super fancy you look with zero products in your face. Seriously, I didn't even moisturize the last time I washed my face (yesterday...?) I'm thinking my face will magically restore itself and it actually looks descent for being my skin. Not so dull, red, blotchy or anything. Yay.

This isn't even my camera it's just my boyfriends old broken thingy. Still worth a fortune though and since I only shoot analogue or iPhone otherwise I just put it on the automatic setting and hope for the best.

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