Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheap Haulz

I like to try out new stuff. Like all the time. So I'm having a hard time spending half my salary on some product I'm unsure about how to use or whatever. So this is why I love spending cash on cheap makeup, because I'm still in the learning phase(face?). I know where I'm at with shampoos and conditioners and soaps and body lotions and lipsticks, but everything else I'm a little bit unsure about. I try to use vegan and cruelty free products as much as I can (I actually think the only skin product I use that is animal tested is my Clinique moisturizer) but sometimes I cross my own limits.

Back to the makeup: I'm planning a splurge on Makeup Academys products, since they're really cheap, not animal tested and apparently real good I'd like to see what I'm missing out. So, does anyone know what products I wouldn't wanna miss for the world?
So far I'm thinking about eyeshadows, glitters and primers. But I'm still unsure about some other things.

What do you think I should try from MUA?

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