Monday, April 29, 2013

Exuviance - saving disgusting feet since NOW

My feet are really disgusting, I'm just going to put it out there. And I've tried everything to get rid of my soles hard as rocks but nothing even made the slightest difference (put trying out fish spa was still fun), so when I got this for free after a facial I didn't have any hopes. You just put on a thin layer before going to bed and this super sticky goo does the rest while you're sleeping. But after just one (1) night my feet had gone like 89% softer and I was 89% happier. So trust me on this one dear ones, it's a true gem for anyone with feet like me.

PS. Do you want a $10 discount on an iHerb order? Use coupon RFC108! I just placed my first order and apparently this is what they do, give out coupons to attract more people. I like that actually, and saving money on vegan products I actually need is the best thing evurr.


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