Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting rid of your acne. (Don't use Exuviance)

I've used Exuviance products religiously for the past two years while also doing facials with their products at a salon for a long time. They claimed I had to do this every four weeks so my skin would "get better".
I was never quite sure about this. I'm a hippie. I'd rather consult mother nature than chemicals. I believe in treating, not ruining. These facials and products ruined the balance in my skin totally, hence a lot of dry patches, itching and general loss of glow in my skin.
So when the girl that used to do my facials quit, for some reason, I also quit going there. I slowly started working out the Exuviance of my skin care routine, exchanging my usual daily moisturizer for Clinique, my night cream for coconut oil, and my cleanser for Shiseido. And since, my skin has gone 80% better, all by itself. I used to have a lot of acne buried deep under my skin, creating weird 3D-shapes on my cheeks but they have all gone now, without me even trying. So it really is true, rather moisturizing than drying.
The weather has gotten milder now compared to the harshness of winter so my Shiseido and Clinique will have to be put on the shelf for a while, but I haven't yet got anything to replace them with. I'm waiting on a really interesting shopping spree on, containg a african black soap which I've heard so much about, plus it's really cheap and apparently does wonders? Reading reviews on it raises my expectations a lot so it better not let me down! But let me just scream this again at the top of my lungs: treat your acne, TREAT IT. And by doing this you don't have to ruin your skins needs and natural state, you just have to use the right products for it. Of course it can be a bit hard but once you get it right you get it damn right.


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