Wednesday, May 15, 2013

i luv me some packages

So finally, about a week after expected, I got my order and damn am I thrilled?!!?
Vitamins have become my new favorite thing, don't know why but it's probably because I believe in stuff working from inside the body is just as good as the ones we pack on our faces wishing for miracles.
Since I started taking iron supplements and taking pure aloe vera shots every morning my skin cleared up and I got a lot more energy. Since I'm in the last month of my school before graduating I most of the time don't have time or energy to cook nutritious food and usually I just drink a really big cup of tea instead of eating. This is just a phase so because of that I'm eating a lot of vitamins so I won't go all gooey in the middle.
AcneAdvance had a lot of 5-star reviews and I'm kind of lost about what to do about my acne since I refuse to use Exuviance anymore, but I still want to get rid of these faster so I'm going to give these a try. You take them three times a day with your meal and it'll prevent new pimples from showing up and healing the current ones in peace.
Biotin is just a supplement for stronger hair, skin and nails. I usually wouldn't go for this but my nails aren't as good as they use to be due to frequent painting and removing and painting them again and so on...

 I'm so exited about this!!! I've heard good things about powder clay masks in general, the ones you just mix with water. Although I've heard some kind of red aztec clay mask is supposed to do wonders, but I'm going to put this on as soon as I finish this post.
THIS ONE YOU GUUUUYZ. Smells like goddamn heaven and it totally is black. Real black. It foams black as well. I've used it last night and well, I wasn't wearing heavy makeup, but it removed it almost perfectly. I've heard how to make liquid soaps out of bar soaps so I think I'm going to do this and have it at my boyfriends house.

I alaso got this conditioner with detangling goodness for kids but it smells like everything good at once, like clouds and spun sugar and smiles and sdklgjfdlk. I didn't take a picture of it because it's already gone steady in my shower routine and it's working good. Brushing my hair is awful since it's such a tangly mess all the time, but this one helps me on my way.

But today I had time to cook food! Vegan and super healthy <3 to keep me studying


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