Friday, May 10, 2013

Shitty palettes

 These are two palettes I bought just when I started using makeup and thought eeveryone always used palettes. These two are not good. They're in fact so badly pigmented they barely apply any color at all on your lids, neither with wet nor dry brush.

But they're also fun to play with, because you can add a ton of eyeshadows and still look super natural and have that "barely there" look which is awesome when you feel like trying something new and don't want to overdo it.

 I'd say my favorite on this one from the Color Workshop is that teal/turquoise one, but really only in the pan. It looks like dust on your lids which is a shame but it's nice to look at.
The pinks and purples all look exactly the same when applied, but in this case the "dusty" look they give is to their advantage because you could easily create some kind of dirty pastel look. The blushes look nice on the cheeks but are also really really bad.
 The Viva La Diva palette blushes are unexpectedly good if you compare them with the shadows but the nicest one have real big golden glitter flakes which makes your face weird. Also in this palette the pinks and purples look the same but I've suddenly started to take a liking to these colors when applied all over for a 90's look.


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