Monday, June 17, 2013

My lipstick collection

In an antique old glass jar on my book shelf partly hides a bunch of lipsticks. They're mine, in case you didn't get that. It's not a big collection, but I'm quite proud of it and I use almost all of them.
Here they are! A mixture of high and low end, gifts, freebees and grocery shopping.

THIS ONE YOU GUYS. a graduation present from my sister, who gave me a "fab" kit, including a very big pink bottle of Moët champagne and a bunny lamp. I haven't dared to use it yet since I feel it's too nice to just wear for nothing.  This is also like the first piece of Chanel I've ever owned so... yeah.
 These are my Wet'n'Wild lipsticks, both with gorgeous colours but horrible packaging, both ugly and easily cracked. Have had to repurchase both of these because the lids cracked. But they're so cheap and so lovely, my most used lipsticks after all!
These were really hard to justify in pictures, but both of them are indeed popping in reality. The purple one has become a sort of "trademark" as I wore it soso much a while back, but then I kind of outgrew it and have barely wore it since. The blue one, called Shark, are a real eyepopper. The color doesn't last that long but if primed with a Nars lipstick (scroll down) just one layer sits all night no matter how many drinks you drink. Both from Viva La Diva
 The small one, a freebee from Max Factor, and the big one, a freebee from The Makeup Factory (I think?) look almost the same on the lips. Both kind of suck but are great and dramatic and give your lips the look of too many glasses of red wine. Beautiful!
The Nars one, I think it's from the Andy Warhol-collection, is really really dry and a very unfitting shade for me. But it lasts forever and is, as previously said, a great lip primer. It takes away all the pink from your lips so even sheer lipsticks looks good over it. It just sticks, but isn't hard at all to remove.
I've blogged about this pink Lumene lipstick not too long ago and I still wear it a lot because it's great when your face needs a flush of color but your'e not up for your usual brights. I'm just afraid I'll get too comfortable and stop using my bright ones!
And the last two, my beautiful IsaDora lipstick, a bright pinkish coral shade, I've never felt so young and classy as when wearing this. The Primark one looks really dull but is actually quite the charmer. A greyish with glitter in it I decided to take a picture of me wearing it. It didn't turn out so good because I have no idea how to use a camera when I can't see what I'm doing with it. Just trust me on that one, ok?


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  1. omg vad fint. vill ocksa ha mina lappstift i en liten glasburk. genius.