Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love & Toast body lotion

 I was really in a shopping mood a few days ago and saw this one at 75% off so I don't think I really splurged, plus I really needed a new body lotion because mine seems to disappear as easily as lip balms in a purse!

The first impression I got of this was "sea salt and freshness" which also convinced me to but this. My previous experience with Love & Toast was a sample of their scent Gin Blossom but it reminded me too much of being sixteen and stealing alcohol from dad and then throwing up in the park :(. In other words: their products smell is not the usual, they make you think a little bit about what it is that just got through your nose up your brain.

I first used it today and I realized that it mostly smells like lemon zest and green stuff. It demands some work to use but sinks fast into the skin makes you feel soft but not sticky. The scent lingers on for quite a while too. I'd recommend this to anyone who's asking because I don't think the original price is that much either.

Oh, and of course it's vegan, cruelty free and all in all a good buy!


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