Sunday, August 25, 2013

iHerb pacakge #2

I expected this to arrive on thursday last week, since it takes approximately eight days for an iHerb package to ship here. It did however arrive a few days after that but it cheered me up on one of my worst days. I'm gonna put a jump here for the people who aren't interested in reading the whole thing.

PS. Doing your first shopping at iHerb? Use code RFC108 for five bucks off any purchase under $40 and ten off if you spend more than that $40!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping at Tiger

A new store popped up in town, and I bet it's gonna last quite a while. The adorable Danish store Tiger has already become one my favorites after just visiting it three times. I've bought some stuff already, like chewing gum, envelopes and tissue paper but today I took the step and went for the beauty.

I had looked at their Dead sea body wrap which seemed like so much fun but unfortunately they were all out of it, so I went for these instead!

  • Some star shaped makeup sponges, because who can resist? I use mine twice with washes in between but since they're not expensive I still find them worth the purchase

  • A new blush brush, because I'm embarrassed to tell you which ones I use right now... But I've already thrown them away so you will never know haha.

  • Purple and blue mascara! This fad is so appealing to me but I'm scared to buy an expensive one in case I don't like the color.

  • Aromatherapy shower gel Rosemary Pine & Eucalyptus - smells delish! They had a accompanying body lotion and scrub but I know I got plenty of that plus I can always make my own if in need so I passed on those too, but something about the shower gel spoke to me. Maybe it gave me some flashbacks of how wonderful every shower was when I was using Rituals aromatherapy shower foam? That is such a dream product!

  • Eyeliner pencil, a thick purple one with gold glitters. I have big plans for this one. I want to combine this and the purple mascara to do an all-purple eye makeup.

Oh, and my package from iHerb came!!! So excited, post about it is on the way.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY leave-in conditioner

My latest obsession as a natural skincare freak is Pinksofoxy's youtube channel. She shows DIY's and talks about natural beauty. I recently watched her 7 part long "Declutter your life" videos while I was at the gym, needless to say I didn't get that much done that time.

A lot of her DIY's sounds really simple so I decided to try one out for myself, the Leave-in conditioner spray, it's incredibly simple and I'm so happy with this!

I used an old Lee Stafford heat protection spray bottle that I never really liked because of it's incredibly strong and chemical smell. Plus I never straighten my hair because mine is like 99% straight naturally anyways.

For my conditioner I used my detangling conditioner for kids  by Rainbow Research (yes, I'm that sensitive, and my hair gets tangled really easy and it hurts so much to brush it out :( ) and for my oils I used up the rest of an Moroccan Argan Oil sample and a little bit of olive oil. So where I live the tap water is totally fine to drink and doesn't contain any bad things at all so I just filled it up with tap water and shook like hell!!!

It makes my hair feel super soft and smells nice. I might just have to label it though so it doesn't get mixed up with the heat protection though!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tea Tree Steamer Tab IN ACTION

You know what? This was actually really good. In just six minutes (that's all I could handle) it freshened up my skin a lot and reduced the redness that has recently developed around my nose. I'm not sure why but I'm investigating my skin care routine and hope to find the thief lurking there inside!
Also cutting down on sugar will apparently reduce redness in your skin so I'm trying out that as well.

I finished this off by using Lush's face serum Full Of Grace which I got a sample of and I like that one too. If you're really nice and ask nicely, the staff always gives you samples if you show interest in a specific product. I'm a bit hesitant about shopping for natural stuff without trying it first because some things I'm a bit sensitive too. Like chamomile, it rarely works well on me.

I but the cooled down steam water in a bottle as it's good as a toner for about a week. Hopefully it will continue to help me with my redness even after the cool down.

Ta ta for now! Gotta catch my bus.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Steamer tabs!

Walking in to Lush the other day knowing that a few hours later I'd be getting some money, I bought one of these steamer tabs each. The rose one is supposed to be calming, both your mind and skin. Tea tree is of course supposed to be good for problem skin.

What specifically made me interested in these were because I'd just the day before seen this video from my new favorite youtube beauty vlogger AND the fact that the clerk told me I was good for a week as a toner if kept in the fridge. I really like a good toner and I need both tea tree and rose actually. I just don't know which one to take first. My guess is the tea tree one and the week after I'll do rose because it's also supposed to be calming which I might need after three work shifts in two days this weekend... Wish me luck.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

French soaps

Thank God I took a picture of this before I started using it! This one melts like butter in the shower but lathers really amazing and feels so thick and creamy on the skin. It's quite amazing and I wish I could sock up on these but they're the kind sold in French gift shops unfortunately. I've had it lying around for years as I got from a friend but finally decided to use it when my Oatmeal from Lush had shrunk into a tiny clump of scrub particles seeds stuff whatevs. Well, if you happen to be in France, try to get a hand of this. It smells amazing too, though I have no idea of what. 


Thursday, August 8, 2013

You're standing on my neck

After I re-watched the ending of Daria, TV movie Is it college yet? I realized something that made me cry more than the actual ending of the worlds greatest TV show: I'm not a Daria. A year ago or so, I was a Daria. Now I've evolved and turned into Quinn.

If you don't know what I mean, you might need a short introduction to Daria, which aired on MTV in the late nineties. You may do that by watching the first episode(s) or like every season and every movie and just love it because of Daria's constant deadpanning.

I used to have thick bangs and big glasses and mostly walked around in my boots avoiding talking to people because people are stupid, but since I got a boyfriend who stupidly enough made me happy I've turned into Quinn. I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror wondering if my nose is "too cute" and my bag is filled with various beauty stuff someone might need and I want to have cute pores. I shop and shop and stand in front of the Elizabeth Arden counter talking mineral foundations with the staff and I'm just so goddamn perky and jumpy and happy all the time. In my heart I'm still Daria, but things change and I've changed against my mind and tonight I'm dying my hair red. Eep!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The hypothetical fall collection

When it gets cold outside and you bulk up in knitted sweaters and boots and mittens all the time, isn't the biggest revelation of all knowing that you're super sexy underneath? That you in the warmth of inside can walk around wearing nothing but your underwear and just feel great about yourselves?
It's days like that, when warming up doesn't mean wearing more clothes, that's why I wanted to create lingerie. And I'll probably keep doing this forever. At the moment, some sketches for the fall collection is up on my tumblr, but I'll show you a few pics just because 


Monday, August 5, 2013

High waisted panties with garter grips is the best

As said, Lingerie is a big passion for me. So big it deserves a capital L. I wanted to show you some of my recent sale finds that I absolutely adore.

It actually took me all the time until today to see that it's actually matching pair, you see with the little blue bows and black lace? I feel a bit stupid for not noticing that, but never the less it's really pretty. Fall till be a lot more welcome when I can strut around in these with my 80 denier stay ups under my winter layer!