Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY leave-in conditioner

My latest obsession as a natural skincare freak is Pinksofoxy's youtube channel. She shows DIY's and talks about natural beauty. I recently watched her 7 part long "Declutter your life" videos while I was at the gym, needless to say I didn't get that much done that time.

A lot of her DIY's sounds really simple so I decided to try one out for myself, the Leave-in conditioner spray, it's incredibly simple and I'm so happy with this!

I used an old Lee Stafford heat protection spray bottle that I never really liked because of it's incredibly strong and chemical smell. Plus I never straighten my hair because mine is like 99% straight naturally anyways.

For my conditioner I used my detangling conditioner for kids  by Rainbow Research (yes, I'm that sensitive, and my hair gets tangled really easy and it hurts so much to brush it out :( ) and for my oils I used up the rest of an Moroccan Argan Oil sample and a little bit of olive oil. So where I live the tap water is totally fine to drink and doesn't contain any bad things at all so I just filled it up with tap water and shook like hell!!!

It makes my hair feel super soft and smells nice. I might just have to label it though so it doesn't get mixed up with the heat protection though!


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