Sunday, August 25, 2013

iHerb pacakge #2

I expected this to arrive on thursday last week, since it takes approximately eight days for an iHerb package to ship here. It did however arrive a few days after that but it cheered me up on one of my worst days. I'm gonna put a jump here for the people who aren't interested in reading the whole thing.

PS. Doing your first shopping at iHerb? Use code RFC108 for five bucks off any purchase under $40 and ten off if you spend more than that $40!

In the package:

Humphrey's Redness Reducing Facial Toner - So, witch hazel! Cucumber! Melon! No alcohol! Good stuff? Dunno, but it's incredibly refreshing even though I've only used it like two times. I quite like it a lotlot.

Sierra Bees Pomegranate lip balm - You get one as a freebee if you wanna, and I wanna-ed. It will go steady with me from now on.

Out Of Africa Tea Tree Oil - This one doesn't have any kind of dripping cap thingy, but maybe I'll find another way to use it since you wouldn't want to overdose this. Essential oils are kinda heavy and as we all know - needs to be diluted properly.

Solgar Biotin - I bought this the last time I ordered from iHerb too, and I figured why stop promoting healthy skin, hair & nails?

Garden Of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Okay, so maybe it isn't that environmental of me to buy oil that's been made in one part of the world, sent to a warehouse in another and then shipped to my part of the world. But coconut oil forever 3> and I actually ran out of mine the same day I got this! Perfect timing. I'd actually like to do a whole post about why I fucking love my coconut oil so goddamn much. Oh, and this one does actually smell like coconut because it isn't refined. It's like, barely processed at all.

Walden Farms Chocolate Dip - I'm trying to cut down on my sugar but I can barely resist chocolate. Finding this sugar, fat and calorie free chocolate dip suited me pretty fine. Doesn't taste too bad either! I like it!

Let me know if you're extra interested in something special!


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