Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping at Tiger

A new store popped up in town, and I bet it's gonna last quite a while. The adorable Danish store Tiger has already become one my favorites after just visiting it three times. I've bought some stuff already, like chewing gum, envelopes and tissue paper but today I took the step and went for the beauty.

I had looked at their Dead sea body wrap which seemed like so much fun but unfortunately they were all out of it, so I went for these instead!

  • Some star shaped makeup sponges, because who can resist? I use mine twice with washes in between but since they're not expensive I still find them worth the purchase

  • A new blush brush, because I'm embarrassed to tell you which ones I use right now... But I've already thrown them away so you will never know haha.

  • Purple and blue mascara! This fad is so appealing to me but I'm scared to buy an expensive one in case I don't like the color.

  • Aromatherapy shower gel Rosemary Pine & Eucalyptus - smells delish! They had a accompanying body lotion and scrub but I know I got plenty of that plus I can always make my own if in need so I passed on those too, but something about the shower gel spoke to me. Maybe it gave me some flashbacks of how wonderful every shower was when I was using Rituals aromatherapy shower foam? That is such a dream product!

  • Eyeliner pencil, a thick purple one with gold glitters. I have big plans for this one. I want to combine this and the purple mascara to do an all-purple eye makeup.

Oh, and my package from iHerb came!!! So excited, post about it is on the way.


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