Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Steamer tabs!

Walking in to Lush the other day knowing that a few hours later I'd be getting some money, I bought one of these steamer tabs each. The rose one is supposed to be calming, both your mind and skin. Tea tree is of course supposed to be good for problem skin.

What specifically made me interested in these were because I'd just the day before seen this video from my new favorite youtube beauty vlogger AND the fact that the clerk told me I was good for a week as a toner if kept in the fridge. I really like a good toner and I need both tea tree and rose actually. I just don't know which one to take first. My guess is the tea tree one and the week after I'll do rose because it's also supposed to be calming which I might need after three work shifts in two days this weekend... Wish me luck.


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