Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tea Tree Steamer Tab IN ACTION

You know what? This was actually really good. In just six minutes (that's all I could handle) it freshened up my skin a lot and reduced the redness that has recently developed around my nose. I'm not sure why but I'm investigating my skin care routine and hope to find the thief lurking there inside!
Also cutting down on sugar will apparently reduce redness in your skin so I'm trying out that as well.

I finished this off by using Lush's face serum Full Of Grace which I got a sample of and I like that one too. If you're really nice and ask nicely, the staff always gives you samples if you show interest in a specific product. I'm a bit hesitant about shopping for natural stuff without trying it first because some things I'm a bit sensitive too. Like chamomile, it rarely works well on me.

I but the cooled down steam water in a bottle as it's good as a toner for about a week. Hopefully it will continue to help me with my redness even after the cool down.

Ta ta for now! Gotta catch my bus.


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