Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eggwhite facial? First impressions

Using egg white as a face mask has apparently been some kind of "tradition" in my country for like a hundred years. I did not know this. Well, now this girl named Victoria i.e. a company has made it into a soap which is actually quite a brilliant idea.

This soap is an egg white soap with lanolin and rose water which you work up a lather with and then smooth that lather all over your face and neck and let it sit for a humble five minutes before washing it off. In that short time it's supposed to draw out the impurities in your skin and the rose water will leave it super soft and smooth. I tried it just now while doing a at home spa treatment (post about that coming up tomorrow) and I'm quite pleased with it actually. It wasn't very hard to lather even though I kept wondering "is this a lather? how lathery should it be? do I need more lather? I'm just gonna go for it. I went for it. I don't think this is good enough. Oh whatever." My skin is now incredibly soft and feels fresh (although doesn't look much different) but it contains stuff that aren't ideal to me so I'm a bit dried out right now.

However, since this is a bar soap/mask it'll last for about seventy five years if used once weekly and it was very cheap. I would recommend this for now, but I can't give an honest opinion yet.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

NOW Solutions European Clay Mask Review

I just remembered I never did a review on my clay mask from NOW even though I'm almost at bottom now since beginning using at the middle of May, so I figured it's about time I write something about this!

This was my first experience with a clay mask in powder form. The packaging says to mix with water or jojoba oil if your skin is dry. I've also learned that bloggers and vloggers like to mix it up with their toners (as long as it's alcohol free) and maybe a few drops of essential oil (like tea tree). After using this a few times I realized that my skin was too sensitive to it and cause my skin to go extremely red and a bit itchy after washing it off. I've tried almost all of the above ones with different results but my favorite actually turned out to be mixing the powder with pure aloe vera gel. I usually use just the aloe as a face mask about once a week so I figured, why not combine these two?
Maybe it gives a lesser result this way but at least I'm using it. I hate buying something and then having to let it sit because it wasn't what I expected (I've given away almost half of my nail polish collection based on this)

All in all this is a good product, but I won't be repurchasing this the first thing I do, and if I do it'll have to be the one for sensitive skin. I've also been thinking about the traditional Aztec clay mask, have anyone tried it? I'm curious and I like the idea of mixing a mask up to your liking.

I purchased mine at iHerb. It it's your first order, use code RFC108 to get ten bucks off your first order over $40 and $5 off any order under forty.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lush Full Of Grace Serum (and Björk & Berries emptie)

So, I got a sample of Lush's Full Of Grace serum when I bought my steamer tabs and I've just finished using it up so here's a few pros and cons:

- Lasts a very long time, my tiny sample last me almost a month applied once or twice a day
- Provides long lasting moisture
--I like the smell

-I'm guessing there most be chamomille in this? I tend to sometimes be a bit sensitive to it, so that's a con for me.
- Takes a while to sink into the skin, so nothing if your have to put on makeup within like 10-15 minutes.

Other than that, I find nothing wrong with it. I'd gladly purchase the full-sized one.

Björk & Berries Sugar Scrub Wild Strawberry
Well, I learned that it's bad to but sugar on your skin, since it promotes inflammation in the skin (both when eaten or used on your body) so I only used this because it's fucking aromatherapy. Never had a product smell this good before. It is however all natural so I might buy the body lotion or shower gel when I miss this smell too much, but no more scrubby scrubs with sugar.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pharmacy clearance? Thank you private druggists

So you walk into a store claiming to sell out "old" beauty products from a pharmacist with a 50-70% discount, and then another sign saying "50% off sale price" so yeah you'll run in.

What I got is quickly presented in the vine above, and if anyone want a specific item for a closer look or a review - just let me know. (PS I'm Einhorn on Vine, follow me!)

First up - Idun minerals concealer in Sandlilja and two blushes in Rönnbär and Tranbär. I've tried the concealer and it melts nicely in to the skin after a minute or two but for me it doesn't seem to set without some kind of primer. I've been thinking about getting one anyways (No, I don't use one yet no hating).
The blushes have same outside but different insides, one of them is obviously from some other design but I don't know which one - however the one with the twisty opening thingy is quite awesome, so you can bring it with you without all powder leaking out. I recently hit pan on both of the blushes I rotate regularly so these ones were very well needed.

Nouba Mascarone and Cil Prodige lash extension - The lash extension thing is basicaly a clear fiber get that you brush on your lash tips and then add mascara (+repeat) until your lashes have reached the lenght you wanted. Apparently you're supposed to use it with the Cil Prodige mascara but hopefully this other from Nouba will do the job.

Apoliva lengthening mascara - this one seriously cost about 1/8 of its original price so I just kind of stocked up.

Cliniderm soothing body lotion 24h - You got this as a freebie if you shopped over a certain amount (I guess they just wanted to get rid of them). It's sadly packed with chemicals and alcohols so I think I'll pass it on to someone else who might like it.

All of this plus a Venus razor with 3 cartridges cost a lot, if the sale hadn't brought it down to literally less than a sixth of its original price. Felt like some kind of couponer, but without all the coupons.

The Almond Oil was from another store and I just bought it with the excuse that it's good for sensitive skin, and as with every change of season follows a period of time when my skin has a hard time adjusting itself and therefore flakes off, especially around my eyes. This one does wonders actually.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So, after this long break I'm returning with a light nod. I've been moving and not giving a shit about anything and hating my new house so life is difficult and stuff.

I'm not entirely sure I have that much to share I'm afraid.
I tried to make liquid soap out of my black african soap but I didn't have any glycerin so google told me I could use baby oil or olive oil. I used both and a few drops of Tea Tree oil but didn't add enough water so It just came out as a weird greyish kinda jello but it works quite alright in a liquid soap dispenser.

BUT my new room is only two meters away from the fucking G O R G E O U S enormous bathroom with a shower big enough to fit like seven people and a jacuzzi and double sinks and everything! So yeah I kinda live there.

These pics got a bit weird because of NATURAL SUNLIGHT DO THAT EVEN EXIST HERE IN SCANDINAVIA??? No, not for much longer. I'm already dying inside because of the separation from the sun. I'll miss you when you're gone sweetie.

So, exactly which countries in Europe have sun all year round? Not that hot, just not that dark. I'm thinking about moving.