Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So, after this long break I'm returning with a light nod. I've been moving and not giving a shit about anything and hating my new house so life is difficult and stuff.

I'm not entirely sure I have that much to share I'm afraid.
I tried to make liquid soap out of my black african soap but I didn't have any glycerin so google told me I could use baby oil or olive oil. I used both and a few drops of Tea Tree oil but didn't add enough water so It just came out as a weird greyish kinda jello but it works quite alright in a liquid soap dispenser.

BUT my new room is only two meters away from the fucking G O R G E O U S enormous bathroom with a shower big enough to fit like seven people and a jacuzzi and double sinks and everything! So yeah I kinda live there.

These pics got a bit weird because of NATURAL SUNLIGHT DO THAT EVEN EXIST HERE IN SCANDINAVIA??? No, not for much longer. I'm already dying inside because of the separation from the sun. I'll miss you when you're gone sweetie.

So, exactly which countries in Europe have sun all year round? Not that hot, just not that dark. I'm thinking about moving.


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