Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lush Full Of Grace Serum (and Björk & Berries emptie)

So, I got a sample of Lush's Full Of Grace serum when I bought my steamer tabs and I've just finished using it up so here's a few pros and cons:

- Lasts a very long time, my tiny sample last me almost a month applied once or twice a day
- Provides long lasting moisture
--I like the smell

-I'm guessing there most be chamomille in this? I tend to sometimes be a bit sensitive to it, so that's a con for me.
- Takes a while to sink into the skin, so nothing if your have to put on makeup within like 10-15 minutes.

Other than that, I find nothing wrong with it. I'd gladly purchase the full-sized one.

Björk & Berries Sugar Scrub Wild Strawberry
Well, I learned that it's bad to but sugar on your skin, since it promotes inflammation in the skin (both when eaten or used on your body) so I only used this because it's fucking aromatherapy. Never had a product smell this good before. It is however all natural so I might buy the body lotion or shower gel when I miss this smell too much, but no more scrubby scrubs with sugar.

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