Sunday, September 15, 2013

NOW Solutions European Clay Mask Review

I just remembered I never did a review on my clay mask from NOW even though I'm almost at bottom now since beginning using at the middle of May, so I figured it's about time I write something about this!

This was my first experience with a clay mask in powder form. The packaging says to mix with water or jojoba oil if your skin is dry. I've also learned that bloggers and vloggers like to mix it up with their toners (as long as it's alcohol free) and maybe a few drops of essential oil (like tea tree). After using this a few times I realized that my skin was too sensitive to it and cause my skin to go extremely red and a bit itchy after washing it off. I've tried almost all of the above ones with different results but my favorite actually turned out to be mixing the powder with pure aloe vera gel. I usually use just the aloe as a face mask about once a week so I figured, why not combine these two?
Maybe it gives a lesser result this way but at least I'm using it. I hate buying something and then having to let it sit because it wasn't what I expected (I've given away almost half of my nail polish collection based on this)

All in all this is a good product, but I won't be repurchasing this the first thing I do, and if I do it'll have to be the one for sensitive skin. I've also been thinking about the traditional Aztec clay mask, have anyone tried it? I'm curious and I like the idea of mixing a mask up to your liking.

I purchased mine at iHerb. It it's your first order, use code RFC108 to get ten bucks off your first order over $40 and $5 off any order under forty.


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