Friday, September 13, 2013

Pharmacy clearance? Thank you private druggists

So you walk into a store claiming to sell out "old" beauty products from a pharmacist with a 50-70% discount, and then another sign saying "50% off sale price" so yeah you'll run in.

What I got is quickly presented in the vine above, and if anyone want a specific item for a closer look or a review - just let me know. (PS I'm Einhorn on Vine, follow me!)

First up - Idun minerals concealer in Sandlilja and two blushes in Rönnbär and Tranbär. I've tried the concealer and it melts nicely in to the skin after a minute or two but for me it doesn't seem to set without some kind of primer. I've been thinking about getting one anyways (No, I don't use one yet no hating).
The blushes have same outside but different insides, one of them is obviously from some other design but I don't know which one - however the one with the twisty opening thingy is quite awesome, so you can bring it with you without all powder leaking out. I recently hit pan on both of the blushes I rotate regularly so these ones were very well needed.

Nouba Mascarone and Cil Prodige lash extension - The lash extension thing is basicaly a clear fiber get that you brush on your lash tips and then add mascara (+repeat) until your lashes have reached the lenght you wanted. Apparently you're supposed to use it with the Cil Prodige mascara but hopefully this other from Nouba will do the job.

Apoliva lengthening mascara - this one seriously cost about 1/8 of its original price so I just kind of stocked up.

Cliniderm soothing body lotion 24h - You got this as a freebie if you shopped over a certain amount (I guess they just wanted to get rid of them). It's sadly packed with chemicals and alcohols so I think I'll pass it on to someone else who might like it.

All of this plus a Venus razor with 3 cartridges cost a lot, if the sale hadn't brought it down to literally less than a sixth of its original price. Felt like some kind of couponer, but without all the coupons.

The Almond Oil was from another store and I just bought it with the excuse that it's good for sensitive skin, and as with every change of season follows a period of time when my skin has a hard time adjusting itself and therefore flakes off, especially around my eyes. This one does wonders actually.


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