Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love&Toast Happiness Head To Toe Starter Kit

I've only tried two Love&Toast products before, as mentioned here, and even though that body lotion is deep in some drawer at the moment I still like it. And think about, I just never get around to actually use it (but maybe that's a bad sign?).

When I saw this adorable little "starter kit" with mini products with different scents I knew I wanted it. Of course, Love&Toast is known for having unusual smells in their stuff, with more or less success. These products are of a few different smells but I find all of them appealing.

This set contains following (with mini rewievs):

Daily Shampoo in the scent White Tea & Mint - Smells amazing, like After Eight, and the scent lingers for the rest of the day. Keeps hair clean for a good three days actually!

Daily Conditioner with Soy Protein and Almond Milk - After using the shampoo it's hard to define the scent of this, but it's probably not that strong anyways. I have no opinion about this, since I get tired of squeezing the shit of that square plastic packaging before I get enough product out of it to actually make a difference.

Shower Creme in Clementine Crush - Not too fond of this, the smell seems a bit too cosmetic for me. In other news, nothing special about it

Body Lotion in Clementine Crush - Haven't tried this yet, but I guess the formula is the same as the one I already got, which means your arms get a workout smearing this over yourself. Not that I mind. I like it.

Sugar Scrub in Clementine Crush - Haven't tried this either but as with the shower creme, I'm not a big fan of the clementine smellyness. Not ma thing really.

Lip Scrub in Green Tea & Mint - Smells lovely, also tastes lovely for being non-edible. Didn't wow me though, it was my first time using a lip scrub but I don't think this did such a great job.

Lip Butter in Strawberry Fields - This didn't wow me either, but it's hard for a lip butter to wow someone, their all pretty similar. The smell did also seem quite chemical to me in this, but it wasn't something that annoyed me. Maybe just that it's a bit too strongly scented.

The tiny sample of their Sugar Grapefruit perfume was the best thing I've ever had on my body the first time I used it, and the weirdest thing the second time. I'm going to wait at least three more wears of it to make a decision whether I like it or not. If I like it though, I'll buy a full-size.

All in all: It was nice to try out some more products from Love&Toast, but the only ones that I would recommend are the shampoo and body lotions, but it's hard to do that as well since their packaging totally sucks balls. Square bottles? Really? Impossible to fucking squeeze. I hate how much I'm going to hate it when I buy a full-size shampoo.


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