Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lavera Naturkosmetik Volumizing Shampoo With Organic Oranges and Green Tea Review

I picked this up at Galeria at Alexanderplatz in Berlin last summer because their selection of natural beauty care was quite impressive and really cheap. This is marked Vegan and is without silicones which is nice and I don't really have anything bad to say about it, except for the "volumizing" part. It does not. It actually leaves my hair flatter than ever, clinging on to the shape of my head making me look like an idiot if I don't dry it properly.

I also got a conditioner from the same brand in a moisturizing series with roses but had to throw it away after a few uses because it was so horrible that even passing it on to a friend would probably ruin that relationship...

This shampoo is kinda neat, it smells exactly like fresh oranges, lathers well and the smell doesn't stay after you get out of the shower which I really like (what if it doesn't work with my body lotion? Or perfume?). It's a tiny bit drying but so is most of the shampoos I've tried and as long as I use a conditioner that's not really a problem for me.

I'd give this a 3.5/5, if I bump into it again I might buy it, but it's not worth going out of your way to get.


Friday, May 15, 2015

100% Pure Organic Flax Seed Cleansing Oil Review

100% Pure is known for their great natural products, and having a lot of organic and natural ingredients quite clearly ups the price tag a bit. I paid a good amount of money for this oil of only 118 milliliters, and unfortunately, it did not live up to its price.

The ingredient list says a lot promising things, such as oregano and thyme oil - which I've heard is good for anti-ageing - in the flax seed base.
Directions says to saturate a cotton pad and remove makeup with, continuing with new cotton pads until face is entirely clean and can be left like that, though I prefer double cleansing in the evening so I always follow up with my Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Gel.
Okay, first of all - you need at least three cotton pads to remove makeup even if you're not wearing much at all and the pump dispenses so little that you need about ten pumps to kind of saturate the cotton pad. For a full face of makeup, five or six is needed. I used this almost every night and at the end the pump didn't reach all the way down so I had to screw it open and pour it out - making a huge slippery mess. The bottle lasted me a little bit over a month, so I am not ready to pay that amount of money again to only have a product last me that long. It doesn't really do a lot for your skin if you're looking for any benefits, so from here on I'll just use any vegetable oil I have at home.

The packaging though feels very luxurious, a heavy, sturdy white glass (or porcelain?) bottle with a clear cap makes is easy to recycle or use again if you maybe have a moisturizer that needs to be transferred to another container. I'll just recycle mine and never buy it again.

Got mine from here.


Not dead yet.

Hey guys, it's time to take this blog back. I'm too big a coward to sit in front of a camera, so the written word will be my means for now. Since my last post, in December 2013, I've moved twice, probably quadrupled my makeup collection (it's now "buying acrylic storage" big) and have currently decided that it's time, for real this time, to go creulty free, vegan, and in some cases as natural as possible. It's no point lusting over stuff that animals had to suffer for, it's just make up for fucks sake. I'll be uploading reviews faster than you have time to blink.